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18-20 Jan 2019


Feeling sluggish and slow, irritable and grumpy, and with one too many headaches thrown in? A detox retreat could be the fastest way to remedy many of your every day niggling health concerns.

Would you like to try out a vegan diet but think it would be too difficult to manage?

Would you like to experience a whole weekend with no alcohol and feel the effects of this?

Are you looking to start a home yoga or meditation practice but don’t know where to start?

A detox retreat can help give your body a fresh start, renews energy levels, aids weight loss, and ultimately helps prevent disease by giving your digestion system a break and enabling your body to concentrate its efforts on healing. Every day we are exposed to toxins – both external and internal – and many natural health professionals believe that if left unchecked these toxins undermine and weaken the organs of the body contributing to everything from arthritis to irritable bowel syndrome. So, although weight loss is often an inevitable sidekick of a detox, even the slimmest of bodies will really benefit from a thorough cleanse.


Stacey Bareham, 200-hour yoga teacher invites you to a weekend of yoga and mindfulness to de-stress and detox. Join her for two days of yoga, meditation and mindfulness to nourish and re-boost energy levels, find clarity and peace of mind, de-stress, and reduce anxiety.

Take away our 7 day vegan cleanse program, guide and shopping list worth £50, to continue your detox when you return home.




Yoga sessions

Silent mindfulness nature walk

Mindfulness meditations and workshop

Healthy vegan meals and snacks

2 nights accommodation

Optional 45-minute massage



Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Yin & Restorative​


Bloomsbury Country
You may know that we are a close neighbour of Charleston Farmhouse ,  you could take a stroll up there to see the house and grounds. This also now has a fantastic gallery space, which is worth finding the time to visit.
You may also be able to walk to Berwick Church where the Bloomsbury group painted the walls ! 
We are in the heart of the South Downs National Park recently designated a 'Dark Sky' and an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.
Charleston will be open and we have a discount scheme in place with them for entry.      

We are on the South Downs National Park and we provide maps for walking the Downs.

A little extra?
We have a treatment room and a local massuer to offer treatments. Prices start from £55/ hr  - facials; thai; deep tissue; aromatherapy etc. 
In addition, we have a cedar wood sauna  on site.  We suggest you bring your own dressing gown or towel.  We do provide towels in all rooms, but some guest using the sauna like an additional one.




15:30 - 16:00 Arrival with detox tea and healthy snacks

16:15 Opening circle and grounding meditation

16:30 Grounding Vinyasa flow yoga

18:00 Free time - Tea and healthy snacks - Nap, read, optional yoga or guided meditation - Walking - Massages

19:30 Restorative Yin yoga 

20:30 Detox dinner



07:00 Rise - Morning Sadhana heart opening yoga practice

08:30 Detox breakfast

09:45 Showers

10:45 Mindfulness workshop

11:30 Free time - Tea and healthy snacks - Nap, read, optional yoga or guided meditation - Walking - Massage

12:45 Detox lunch

14:30 Self massage workshop

15:15 Free time - Snacks, tea, optional drop-in yoga pose lab - Bring your questions!

18:30 Detox dinner

20:00 Restorative bliss yoga and self-kindness finishing with Yoga Nidra



07:00 Rise, cleansing tea in the dining room in silence

07:30 Noise detox mindful nature walk or Morning Sadhana yoga practice if it's raining

09:00 Detox breakfast

10:00 Showers

10:30 Inversion and arm balance workshop

11:30 Tea and healthy snack - Free time - Nap, read, optional yoga, walk or Yin yoga session

12:00 Detox lunch

13:30 Yin/ Vin yoga practice - "Samskaras, let go of what's holding you back"

14:30 Closing ceremony

15:00 Goodbyes


£398pp in a shared room - we will allocate you with another yogi/s or you can choose to come as a couple or a group.

Please get in touch if you prefer to pay single supplement.


Most people come on retreats on their own and end up making friendships for life. Please don't be worried about coming on retreat on your own as by the end of it we will all feel like one big family.


Only 10 spaces available


For any further questions - please get in touch with me via or 07525 468 508.


Hope to see you there 

Stacey x

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